"Max" Ch. Dillon' s Golden Legacy by Design

"Max" Is a beautiful boy who is co-owned with Kim Dillon. If a picture can say a thousand words then his beauty will shine though over and over again in the photos of him. He has a beautiful head and a great personality.

OFA GR-CA15617/13M/P-VPI
OFA GR- 99107G24M-VPI
OFA GR- EL20777M24-VPI



is an up and coming hopeful. He has the perfect golden temperament with the structure to match. WE are very excited about this young boy. Look for him in the show rings soon.


"Sam"or "Samson" Is a beautiful boy who is owned with Kim Dillon. He is the sire of Music's litter. If a picture can say a thousand words then his beauty will shine though over and over again in the many photos of him. (retired)

OFA GR-92892G24M-PI
OFA GR-CA11871/17M/C-PI
OFA GR-EL15890M24-PI
CERF GR-32402 

OFA hips        GOOD
OFA elbows     Normal
OFA heart        Normal
CERF eyes       Normal



Dillon's You Light up My Life

Max / Spark puppy

OFA Hip: GR-107086G27M-VPI
OFA Heart: GR-CA22331/12M/P-VPI
OFA Elbow: GR-EL27767M27-VPI
OFA Patellas GR-PA524/26M/P-VPI
OFA DentitionGR-DE111/26M-VPI
Optigen prcd-PRA - 12-9921
Optigen GR-PRA 1: 12-9921
Optigen Ichthyosis: 12-9921



Dillon's Lets Play Ball by Design

Hip clearance: OFA GR-107090F26M-VPI
Heart clearance: OFA GR-CA22336/14M/P-VPI
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL27771M26-VPI
prcd-PRA status: Clear (Optigen 12-9924)
PRA1 status: Clear (Optigen 12-9924)



Gold-Rush The Paperboy

OFA Hips: GR-112355F36M-VPI

OFA Elbows: GR-EL32543M36-VPI

OFA Heart: GR-CA24389/14M/P-VPI

OFA Eyes: GR-380818


OFA Patellar Luxation: GR-PA963/45M/P-VPI

OFA Dentition: GR-DE417/45M-VPI


Bennington's SnowDrift on the River


OFA Hip: GR-101900G24M-VPI

CERF Eye: #491380

OFA Heart: GR-CA17952/18M/C-VPI

OFA Elbow: GR-EL23173M24-VPI


OFA Patella: GR-PA516/48M/P-VPI

OFA Dentition: GR-DE103/48M-VPI

Optigen prcd-PRA: 12-9922

Optigen GR-PRA 1: 12-9922

Optigen Ichthyosis: 12-9922


Dillon's Take A Walk With Me by Design


SR84021701 GR-116169F24M-VPIHIPS
SR84021701 GR-EL36161M24-VPIELBOW
SR84021701  GR-CA29675/17M/P-VPICARDIAC
SR84021701  GR-PA969/17M/P-VPIPATELLA